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Fri Jan 7 19:08:17 2005 UTC (10 years, 6 months ago) by dillon
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Add a file with laptop compatibility descriptions.  It is very incomplete
at the moment.

$DragonFly: doc/notes/compat_laptops.txt,v 1.1 2005/01/07 19:08:17 dillon Exp $

			    Compatible laptops

    This file contains a very incomplete list of laptops known to work 
    reasonably well with DragonFly.

Craig Dooley:
    I have an hp pavilion zt3020us (also sold as the hp pavilion nx7000 i
    believe and a compaq x1000).  3+ hours battery life, 15.4" wxga,
    radeon 9200 (not really since the intel chipset doesn't support agp
    8x, and thats the only difference between the 9200 and the 9100 i
    believe).  A little heavier than I'd like at about 6 lbs, but
    everything works except suspend.  Wireless is supported through a
    third party driver, or the ndis wrapper.  Also, it has one firewire
    port than is mini, but it does work to mount my ipod off of. 

Paul Grunwald:
    For what it is worth, my IBM r32 seems to be well supported.  I got this 
    refurb'd with a 3 Year IBM warranty for $800 from  
    I have wireless, Xfree86, and sound working,  I have not had time to play 
    with sleep/suspend, firewire, etc. but it all seems to be seen.  Battery 
    life is about 2 hours.  

    In general, I think the IBM laptops are well supported (and well 
    supported in Linux).  TechBargains had a good deal on a t42 a couple of 
    days ago.
    "IBM Thinkpad t42 Centrino $1199 - January 5, 2005
    IBM has the light 4.5lb Thinkpad t42 Centrino Notebook Pentium M 1.6Ghz 
    256MB/40GB, DVD/CDRW, 14.1in screen, 802.11g, Gigabit Ethernet $1199.20 
    shipped free, save $300. $29.99 upgrade to Office 2003 Basic.  "

Matt Dillon:
    I've had good success with my Sony VAIO TR3A, and my older 
    Sony VAIO PCG-F560.  I haven't tried sleep mode on the TR3A and the
    Sony BIOS does not have any modes that use the full width of its
    screen (why Sony would not include such a mode is beyond me), but 
    everything else appears to work pretty well.