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 $TITLE(DragonFly - Big-Picture Status)  $TITLE(DragonFly - Big-Picture Status)
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   <LI>Sun 15 February 2004 
           <LI>Newcard is being integrated.
           <LI>A longstanding bug in PCI bus assignments which effects larger
               servers has been fixed.
           <LI>The IP checksum code has been rewriten and most of it has been
               moved to machine-independant sections.
           <LI>A general machine-independant CPU synchronization and rendezvous
               API has been implemented.  Older hardwired IPIs are slowly being
               moved to the new API.
           <LI>A new 'SysTimer' API has been built which is both MP capable
               and fine-grained.  8254 Timer 0 is now being used for fine-grained
               timing, while Timer 2 is being used for timebase.  Various 
               hardwired clock distribution code is being slowly moved to the
               new API.  hardclock and statclock have already been moved.
           <LI>A long standing bug in the NTP synchronization code has been fixed.
               NTPD should now lock much more quickly.
           <LI>Clock interrupt distribution has been rewritten.  Along with this,
               IPI messaging now has the ability to pass an interrupt frame
               pointer to the target function.  Most of the old hardwired 
               clock distribution code has been ripped out.
           <LI>nanosleep() is now a fine-grained sleep.  After all, what's the
               point of having a nanosleep() system call which is only capable
               of tick granularity?
 <LI>Mon 1 December 2003   <LI>Mon 1 December 2003 
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