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[TXT] Makefile.inc1 1.118 7 years thomas ports is gone: remove use of PORTSSUPFILE.
[TXT] Makefile_upgrade.inc 1.36 6 years hasso Remove /usr/include/libusbhid.h.
[TXT] UPDATING 1.26 6 years thomas Add note on move of kernel and modules to boot directory.
[TXT] Makefile 1.25 7 years dillon 2.0 Release Engineering: * cvsup file, slip tag target
[TXT] COPYRIGHT 1.11 7 years swildner Add 2008 to our copyrights. Happy new year!
[TXT] README 1.9 7 years nth Reference wiki version of handbook to be in line with similar change done to web...
[TXT] README.amd64 1.1 7 years yanyh A simple README.amd64 and AMD64_GENERIC kernel config file