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Tue Jun 17 04:22:50 2003 UTC (12 years, 1 month ago) by dillon
Branches: MAIN
CVS tags: HEAD
Add the DragonFly cvs id and perform general cleanups on cvs/rcs/sccs ids.  Most
ids have been removed from !lint sections and moved into comment sections.

#	@(#)Makefile	8.4 (Berkeley) 5/5/95
# $FreeBSD: src/bin/sh/Makefile,v 2001/12/15 10:05:18 knu Exp $
# $DragonFly: src/bin/sh/Makefile,v 1.2 2003/06/17 04:22:50 dillon Exp $

PROG=	sh
SHSRCS=	alias.c arith.y arith_lex.l cd.c echo.c error.c eval.c exec.c expand.c \
	histedit.c input.c jobs.c mail.c main.c memalloc.c miscbltin.c \
	mystring.c options.c output.c parser.c printf.c redir.c show.c \
	test.c trap.c var.c
GENSRCS= builtins.c init.c nodes.c syntax.c
GENHDRS= builtins.h nodes.h syntax.h token.h

# MLINKS for Shell built in commands for which there are no userland
# utilities of the same name are handled with the associated manpage,
# builtin.1 in share/man/man1/.  

LDADD+= -ll -ledit -ltermcap

LFLAGS= -8	# 8-bit lex scanner for arithmetic
# for debug:

.PATH:	${.CURDIR}/bltin \
	${.CURDIR}/../../usr.bin/printf \

CLEANFILES+= mkinit mkinit.o mknodes mknodes.o \
	mksyntax mksyntax.o

build-tools: mkinit mknodes mksyntax

.ORDER: builtins.c builtins.h
builtins.c builtins.h: mkbuiltins builtins.def
	cd ${.CURDIR}; sh mkbuiltins ${.OBJDIR}

init.c: mkinit alias.c eval.c exec.c input.c jobs.c options.c parser.c \
	redir.c trap.c var.c
	./mkinit ${.ALLSRC:S/^mkinit$//}

# XXX this is just to stop the default .c rule being used, so that the
# intermediate object has a fixed name.
# XXX we have a default .c rule, but no default .o rule.
mkinit: mkinit.o
mknodes: mknodes.o
mksyntax: mksyntax.o

.ORDER: nodes.c nodes.h
nodes.c nodes.h: mknodes nodetypes nodes.c.pat
	./mknodes ${.CURDIR}/nodetypes ${.CURDIR}/nodes.c.pat

.ORDER: syntax.c syntax.h
syntax.c syntax.h: mksyntax

token.h: mktokens
	sh ${.CURDIR}/mktokens

.include <>