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Tue Jun 17 04:25:24 2003 UTC (12 years, 1 month ago) by dillon
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Add the DragonFly cvs id and perform general cleanups on cvs/rcs/sccs ids.  Most
ids have been removed from !lint sections and moved into comment sections.

.\" $FreeBSD: src/games/grdc/grdc.6,v 2001/10/02 11:51:49 ru Exp $
.\" $DragonFly: src/games/grdc/grdc.6,v 1.2 2003/06/17 04:25:24 dillon Exp $
.Dd September 25, 2001
.Dt GRDC 6
.Nm grdc
.Nd grand digital clock (curses)
.Op Fl s
.Op Ar n
runs a digital clock made of reverse-video blanks on a curses
compatible VDU screen.
With an optional numeric argument
.Ar n
it stops after
.Ar n
seconds (default never).
The optional
.Fl s
flag makes digits scroll as they change.
In this curses mode implementation,
the scrolling option has trouble keeping up.
.An -nosplit
.An Amos Shapir ,
modified for curses by
.An John Lupien .