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Thu Mar 25 23:55:13 2004 UTC (11 years, 4 months ago) by cpressey
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Four new features and a bugfix.

- Center the clock on the user's terminal.
- Check that the terminal is sufficiently large to fully display the
  clock (about 61x9.)  If not, exit immediately with an error.
- Introduce a short delay in the scrolling when -s is given, so that
  it can be better appreciated on syscons(4) and local xterm(1).  The
  default delay is 120 milliseconds.
- Add a new option, -d, to allow changing the scroll delay to any
  duration from 0 to 5000 milliseconds.  The -d option implies -s.
- Make it so that, when the optional argument is omitted, the clock
  really does run forever.  (Before this, it would have stopped after
  about 65536 seconds due to wraparound.)

.\" $FreeBSD: src/games/grdc/grdc.6,v 2001/10/02 11:51:49 ru Exp $
.\" $DragonFly: src/games/grdc/grdc.6,v 1.3 2004/03/25 23:55:13 cpressey Exp $
.Dd September 25, 2001
.Dt GRDC 6
.Nm grdc
.Nd grand digital clock (curses)
.Op Fl s
.Op Fl d Ar msecs
.Op Ar n
displays a digital clock made of reverse-video blanks
centered on a curses-compatible terminal.
By default, the clock runs indefinately.
When the optional numeric argument
.Ar n
is given, it stops after
.Ar n
The optional
.Fl s
flag makes digits scroll as they change.
Over slow links, the scrolling option may have trouble keeping up.
The default time taken to scroll the digits into view is 120
milliseconds.  The
.Fl d
option, which implies
.Fl s ,
may be given to explicitly set the scroll duration.
The maximum scroll duration is effectively 5 seconds.
.An -nosplit
.An Amos Shapir ,
modified for curses by
.An John Lupien .