Diff for /src/gnu/usr.bin/cc3/cc_tools/Attic/Makefile between versions 1.5 and 1.6

version 1.5, 2004/02/03 03:47:11 version 1.6, 2004/03/22 20:57:54
Line 42  gen-time-stamp: genattr genattrtab genco Line 42  gen-time-stamp: genattr genattrtab genco
 .for F in attr codes config emit extract flags opinit output peep recog  .for F in attr codes config emit extract flags opinit output peep recog
 build-tools: gen$F  build-tools: gen$F
gen$F: gen$F.o rtl.o obstack.o print-rtl.o bitmap.o errors.o gensupport.o \gen$F: gen$F.no rtl.no obstack.no print-rtl.no bitmap.no errors.no \
        ggc-none.o hashtab.o read-rtl.o concat.o insn-conditions.o \        gensupport.no ggc-none.no hashtab.no read-rtl.no concat.no \
        xmalloc.o xexit.o        insn-conditions.no xmalloc.no xexit.no
        ${CC} ${CFLAGS} ${LDFLAGS} -o ${.TARGET} ${.ALLSRC}        ${NXCC} ${NXCFLAGS} ${NXLDFLAGS} -o ${.TARGET} ${.ALLSRC}
 GENSRCS+=       gen$F.c  GENSRCS+=       gen$F.c
   NXOBJS+=        gen$F.no
 CLEANFILES+=    gen$F  CLEANFILES+=    gen$F
 .endfor  .endfor
Line 56  CLEANFILES+= gen$F Line 57  CLEANFILES+= gen$F
 #  #
 build-tools: genattrtab  build-tools: genattrtab
genattrtab : genattrtab.o rtl.o obstack.o print-rtl.o bitmap.o errors.o \genattrtab : genattrtab.no rtl.no obstack.no print-rtl.no bitmap.no \
        gensupport.o ggc-none.o hashtab.o read-rtl.o concat.o \        errors.no gensupport.no ggc-none.no hashtab.no read-rtl.no concat.no \
        insn-conditions.o genautomata.o varray.o getruntime.o \        insn-conditions.no genautomata.no varray.no getruntime.no \
        xmalloc.o xexit.o        xmalloc.no xexit.no
        ${CC} ${CFLAGS} ${LDFLAGS} -o ${.TARGET} ${.ALLSRC} -lm        ${NXCC} ${NXCFLAGS} ${NXLDFLAGS} -o ${.TARGET} ${.ALLSRC} -lm
 GENSRCS+=       genattrtab.c  GENSRCS+=       genattrtab.c
   NXOBJS+=        genattrtab.no
 CLEANFILES+=    genattrtab  CLEANFILES+=    genattrtab
 #  #
Line 72  CLEANFILES+= genattrtab Line 74  CLEANFILES+= genattrtab
 .for F in constants conditions  .for F in constants conditions
 build-tools: gen$F  build-tools: gen$F
gen$F: gen$F.o rtl.o obstack.o bitmap.o errors.o gensupport.o \gen$F: gen$F.no rtl.no obstack.no bitmap.no errors.no gensupport.no \
       ggc-none.o hashtab.o read-rtl.o concat.o dummy-conditions.o \       ggc-none.no hashtab.no read-rtl.no concat.no dummy-conditions.no \
       xmalloc.o xexit.o       xmalloc.no xexit.no
        ${CC} ${CFLAGS} ${LDFLAGS} -o ${.TARGET} ${.ALLSRC}        ${NXCC} ${NXCFLAGS} ${NXLDFLAGS} -o ${.TARGET} ${.ALLSRC}
 GENSRCS+=       gen$F.c  GENSRCS+=       gen$F.c
   NXOBJS+=        gen$F.no
 CLEANFILES+=    gen$F  CLEANFILES+=    gen$F
 .endfor  .endfor
 .for F in check genrtl preds  .for F in check genrtl preds
 build-tools: gen$F  build-tools: gen$F
gen$F: gen$F.ogen$F: gen$F.no
        ${CC} ${CFLAGS} ${LDFLAGS} -o ${.TARGET} ${.ALLSRC}        ${NXCC} ${NXCFLAGS} ${NXLDFLAGS} -o ${.TARGET} ${.ALLSRC}
 GENSRCS+=       gen$F.c  GENSRCS+=       gen$F.c
   NXOBJS+=        gen$F.no
 CLEANFILES+=    gen$F  CLEANFILES+=    gen$F
 .endfor  .endfor
Line 102  SRCS+= bitmap.c concat.c dummy-condition Line 106  SRCS+= bitmap.c concat.c dummy-condition
         gensupport.c getruntime.c ggc-none.c hashtab.c \          gensupport.c getruntime.c ggc-none.c hashtab.c \
         obstack.c physmem.c print-rtl.c read-rtl.c rtl.c varray.c xmemdup.c \          obstack.c physmem.c print-rtl.c read-rtl.c rtl.c varray.c xmemdup.c \
         xmalloc.c xexit.c          xmalloc.c xexit.c
   NXOBJS+= bitmap.no concat.no dummy-conditions.no errors.no \
           genautomata.no gensupport.no getruntime.no ggc-none.no hashtab.no \
           obstack.no physmem.no print-rtl.no read-rtl.no rtl.no varray.no \
           xmemdup.no xmalloc.no xexit.no
 #-----------------------------------------------------------------------  #-----------------------------------------------------------------------
 # Common parser stuff.  # Common parser stuff.
Line 139  gengtype-yacc+%DIKED.c: gengtype-yacc.c Line 147  gengtype-yacc+%DIKED.c: gengtype-yacc.c
             -e "s/realloc/xrealloc/g" \              -e "s/realloc/xrealloc/g" \
             ${.ALLSRC} > ${.TARGET}              ${.ALLSRC} > ${.TARGET}
gengtype: gengtype.o gengtype-yacc+%DIKED.o gengtype-lex.o xmemdup.o xmalloc.o xexit.ogengtype: gengtype.no gengtype-yacc+%DIKED.no gengtype-lex.no xmemdup.no xmalloc.no xexit.no
        ${CC} ${CFLAGS} ${LDFLAGS} -o ${.TARGET} ${.ALLSRC}        ${NXCC} ${NXCFLAGS} ${NXLDFLAGS} -o ${.TARGET} ${.ALLSRC}
 GENSRCS+=       gengtype.c  GENSRCS+=       gengtype.c
CLEANFILES+=    gengtypeNXOBJS+=        gengtype.no
 CLEANFILES+=    gengtype gengtype-yacc+%DIKED.no gengtype-lex.no
gengtype-lex.o: gengtype-yacc.hgengtype-lex.no: gengtype-yacc.h
 .ORDER: gtype-desc.c gtype-desc.h  .ORDER: gtype-desc.c gtype-desc.h
 gtype-desc.c gtype-desc.h: gtype-time-stamp  gtype-desc.c gtype-desc.h: gtype-time-stamp
Line 419  all: ${SRCS} Line 428  all: ${SRCS}
 #  #
 OBJS+=          ${SRCS:N*.h:R:S/$/.o/g}  OBJS+=          ${SRCS:N*.h:R:S/$/.o/g}
.if !exists(${DEPENDFILE})${NXOBJS:M*.no:Ngenextract.no:Ninsn-conditions.no}: ${SRCS:M*.h:Ngtype-desc.h:Ngenrtl.h:Ntree-check.h:Ntm-preds.h:Ninsn-*.h}
# Fudge pre-dependfile dependencies of objects in much the same way as 
# bsd.prog.mk would do if we defined PROG.  There are complications to 
# avoid circular dependencies.  First, only make most objects depend on 
# all headers.  Filter out the objects that would cause problems (i.e., 
# objects that will be used to create programs that will generate headers). 
${OBJS}: ${SRCS:M*.h:Ngtype-desc.h:Ngenrtl.h:Ntree-check.h:Ntm-preds.h:Ninsn-*.h} 
${OBJS:Ngencheck.o:Ngengenrtl.o:Ngenpreds.o}: tree-check.h tm-preds.h genrtl.h${NXOBJS:Ngencheck.no:Ngengenrtl.no:Ngenpreds.no}: tree-check.h tm-preds.h genrtl.h
${OBJS:Ngengtype*.o:Nxmemdup.o:Ngengenrtl.o:Ngencheck.o:Ngenpreds.o:Nxmalloc.o:Nxexit.o}: gtype-desc.h${NXOBJS:Ngengtype*.no:Nxmemdup.no:Ngengenrtl.no:Ngencheck.no:Ngenpreds.no:Nxmalloc.no:Nxexit.no}: gtype-desc.h
genextract.o: insn-config.hgenextract.no: insn-config.h
insn-conditions.o: insn-constants.hinsn-conditions.no: insn-constants.h
   .if !exists(${DEPENDFILE})
   ${OBJS}: ${SRCS:M*.h}
 .endif  .endif

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