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version 1.18, 2004/05/15 18:12:01 version 1.19, 2004/05/17 01:03:54
Line 135  INCSLINKS+= netproto/ncp ${INCLUDEDIR}/n Line 135  INCSLINKS+= netproto/ncp ${INCLUDEDIR}/n
 INCSLINKS+=     netproto/ns ${INCLUDEDIR}/netns  INCSLINKS+=     netproto/ns ${INCLUDEDIR}/netns
 INCSLINKS+=     netproto/smb ${INCLUDEDIR}/netsmb  INCSLINKS+=     netproto/smb ${INCLUDEDIR}/netsmb
 INCSLINKS+=     bus/pccard ${INCLUDEDIR}/pccard  INCSLINKS+=     bus/pccard ${INCLUDEDIR}/pccard
# this is for TV apps from ports.# warning, we cannot softlink through ${INCLUDEDIR}/machine/... because
INCSLINKS+=     ../dev/video/bktr/ioctl_bt848.h ${INCLUDEDIR}/machine/ioctl_bt848.h# machine itself is a softlink into the source tree in buildworld's 
INCSLINKS+=     ../dev/video/meteor/ioctl_meteor.h ${INCLUDEDIR}/machine/ioctl_meteor.h# temporary include hierarchy.
 mtree_setup:  mtree_setup:
 .for i in ${LDIRS} ${LSYMSUBDIRS} ${LSYMSUBDIRS3} machine crypto  .for i in ${LDIRS} ${LSYMSUBDIRS} ${LSYMSUBDIRS3} machine crypto

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