Annotation of src/nrelease/README, revision 1.3

1.1       joerg       1: $DragonFly$
                      3: The DragonFly framework for building ISO image (nrelease)
                      4: =========================================================
                      6: Important user-tunable variables
                      7: --------------------------------
                      9: ISODIR                 default prefix of ISOFILE and ISOROOT
                     10: ISOFILE                        name of the ISO image to generate
                     11: ISOROOT                        location where to fresh world is installed to
                     12: KERNCONF               kernel configuration to use
                     14: PKGSRC_PACKAGES                default list of packages to be added to the ISO
                     15: PKGSRC_PKG_ADD         location of pkgsrc-style pkg_add used during build
                     16: PKGSRC_PKG_PATH                location of binary packages to be added to the ISO
                     17: PKGSRC_BOOTSTRAP_FILE  location of the bootstrap kit
                     18:                        (this must be local, PKGSRC_PKG_PATH can be remote)
                     19: PKGSRC_DB              db location used by the bootstrap kit
                     20: PKGSRC_PREFIX          localbase used by the bootstrap kit
                     21: PKGSRC_RSYNC_SRC       where to fetch packages from during make fetch
                     23: WITH_INSTALLER         if defined, the BSD installer is added to the target
                     25: The default values match the packages from
                     28: Important targets
                     29: -----------------
                     31: fetch                  fetches the bootstrap kit and binary packages using rsync
                     32: release                        builds world and kernel, installs them, adds packages and
                     33:                        prepares the ISO image
                     34: quickrel               same as release, but use quickworld and quickkernel
                     35: realquickrel           same as release, but skips buildworld and buildkernel
                     38: First time usage
                     39: ----------------
                     41: The nrelease framework expects to find a working pkg_add from pkgsrc.
                     42: You can use the bootstrap kit, which matches the default configuration,
                     43: or install it yourself.  If you use a location other than /usr/pkg, you
                     44: have to specify PKGSRC_PKG_ADD in make.conf.
                     46: If you want to have any packages install in the ISO (the default), run
                     47: ``make fetch'' first, to get them and the bootstrap kit used in the ISO.
                     48: By default, the current directory is used, the location can and should
1.3     ! swildner   49: be overridden by PKGSRC_PKG_PATH in make.conf.
1.2       dillon     50: 
                     51: RELEASE ENGINEERING
                     52: --------------------------------
                     54: The steps required for engineering a release are documented in (CVS)
                     55: doc/notes/release.txt.  How to branch the CVS tree, etc.  They were put
                     56: in an out of the way place so normal developers would not accidently try
                     57: to run the commands in question.