Diff for /src/sys/bus/pci/pcisupport.c between versions 1.8 and 1.9

version 1.8, 2004/01/15 20:35:06 version 1.9, 2004/02/10 07:26:06
Line 776  static int pcib_probe(device_t dev) Line 776  static int pcib_probe(device_t dev)
         return ENXIO;          return ENXIO;
 }  }
    * Attach a pci bus device to a motherboard or pci-to-pci bridge bus.
    * Due to probe recursion it is possible for pci-to-pci bridges (such as
    * on the DELL2550) to attach before all the motherboard bridges have
    * attached.  We must call device_add_child() with the secondary id
    * rather then -1 in order to ensure that we do not accidently use
    * a motherboard PCI id, otherwise the device probe will believe that
    * the later motherboard bridge bus has already been probed and refuse
    * to probe it.  The result: disappearing busses!
 static int pcib_attach(device_t dev)  static int pcib_attach(device_t dev)
 {  {
         u_int8_t secondary;          u_int8_t secondary;
Line 785  static int pcib_attach(device_t dev) Line 795  static int pcib_attach(device_t dev)
         secondary = pci_get_secondarybus(dev);          secondary = pci_get_secondarybus(dev);
         if (secondary) {          if (secondary) {
                child = device_add_child(dev, "pci", -1);                child = device_add_child(dev, "pci", secondary);
                 *(int*) device_get_softc(dev) = secondary;                  *(int*) device_get_softc(dev) = secondary;
                 return bus_generic_attach(dev);                  return bus_generic_attach(dev);
         } else          } else

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