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Tue May 1 00:05:16 2007 UTC (8 years, 3 months ago) by dillon
Branches: MAIN
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Implement kern.do_async_attach. default disabled.  To enable add
kern.do_async_attach="1" to your /boot/loader.conf.  This feature allows
conforming drivers to attach in their own thread, allowing multiple
drivers to attach in parallel.

Implement a new device state, DS_INPROGRESS.  Seems to work properly.
Implement device_set_async_attach(), which allows a device's probe
function to indicate that it is ok for its attach function to be run in
its own thread.

Split tsleep's enable out from the 'cold' variable. tsleep works earlier
then when cold is cleared.  Add a 'tsleep_now_works' variable to take
over the functionality.

Implement DRIVERSLEEP()... similar to DELAY(), this function works in
any context and will call lwkt_switch() in its spin loop.  It isn't perfect

    * Uses the new async attach feature
    * No longer uses a configuration interrupt hook.  Interrupts are now
      available during device config.

    NOTE: atapicam does not seem to be scanning the 'bus' (from cam's point
    of view), so 'cd0' is not found until CAM scans the bus itself in the
    interrupt config hook code.

    * Uses the new async attach feature
    * Uses tsleep instead of DELAY

    * IF_EM, IF_NFE also use the async attach feature as a test, but it
      doesn't seem to have a huge effect.

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