Diff for /src/sys/dev/raid/aac/aac_disk.c between versions 1.7 and 1.8

version 1.7, 2004/05/13 23:49:18 version 1.8, 2004/05/19 22:52:46
Line 221  aac_disk_strategy(struct bio *bp) Line 221  aac_disk_strategy(struct bio *bp)
  * for the controller to complete the requests.   * for the controller to complete the requests.
  */   */
 static int  static int
aac_disk_dump(dev_t dev)aac_disk_dump(dev_t dev, u_int count, u_int blkno, u_int secsize)
 {  {
         struct aac_disk *ad;          struct aac_disk *ad;
         struct aac_softc *sc;          struct aac_softc *sc;
         vm_offset_t addr;          vm_offset_t addr;
         long blkcnt;          long blkcnt;
         unsigned int count, blkno, secsize;  
         int dumppages;          int dumppages;
         int i, error;          int i, error;
Line 235  aac_disk_dump(dev_t dev) Line 234  aac_disk_dump(dev_t dev)
         addr = 0;          addr = 0;
         dumppages = AAC_MAXIO / PAGE_SIZE;          dumppages = AAC_MAXIO / PAGE_SIZE;
         if ((error = disk_dumpcheck(dev, &count, &blkno, &secsize)))  
                 return (error);  
         if (ad == NULL)          if (ad == NULL)
                 return (ENXIO);                  return (ENXIO);

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