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Mon Jun 23 17:55:39 2003 UTC (12 years ago) by dillon
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proc->thread stage 2: MAJOR revamping of system calls, ucred, jail API,
and some work on the low level device interface (proc arg -> thread arg).
As -current did, I have removed p_cred and incorporated its functions
into p_ucred.  p_prison has also been moved into p_ucred and adjusted
accordingly.  The jail interface tests now uses ucreds rather then processes.

The syscall(p,uap) interface has been changed to just (uap).  This is inclusive
of the emulation code.  It makes little sense to pass a proc pointer around
which confuses the MP readability of the code, because most system call code
will only work with the current process anyway.  Note that eventually
*ALL* syscall emulation code will be moved to a kernel-protected userland
layer because it really makes no sense whatsoever to implement these
emulations in the kernel.

suser() now takes no arguments and only operates with the current process.
The process argument has been removed from suser_xxx() so it now just takes
a ucred and flags.

The sysctl interface was adjusted somewhat.

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