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Current directory: [DragonFly] / src / sys / dev / usbmisc

File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
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[DIR] moscom/        
[DIR] uark/        
[DIR] ubsa/        
[DIR] ubt/        
[DIR] uchcom/        
[DIR] ucom/        
[DIR] udbp/        
[DIR] ufm/        
[DIR] uftdi/        
[DIR] ugen/        
[DIR] ugensa/        
[DIR] uhid/        
[DIR] ukbd/        
[DIR] ulpt/        
[DIR] umass/        
[DIR] umct/        
[DIR] umodem/        
[DIR] ums/        
[DIR] umsm/        
[DIR] uplcom/        
[DIR] urio/        
[DIR] uscanner/        
[DIR] uslcom/        
[DIR] uticom/        
[DIR] uvisor/        
[DIR] uvscom/        
[TXT] Makefile 1.10 7 years hasso umsm(4) -> ugensa(4) as it makes much more sense - there is nothing Qualcomm MSM...