Diff for /src/sys/netproto/ipx/ipx_input.c between versions 1.10 and 1.11

version 1.10, 2004/04/11 07:41:52 version 1.11, 2004/04/21 18:14:02
Line 92  struct ipxpcb ipxrawpcb; Line 92  struct ipxpcb ipxrawpcb;
 long    ipx_pexseq;  long    ipx_pexseq;
static  void ipxintr(struct netmsg *);static  int ipxintr(struct netmsg *);
 static  int ipx_do_route(struct ipx_addr *src, struct route *ro);  static  int ipx_do_route(struct ipx_addr *src, struct route *ro);
 static  void ipx_undo_route(struct route *ro);  static  void ipx_undo_route(struct route *ro);
 static  void ipx_forward(struct mbuf *m);  static  void ipx_forward(struct mbuf *m);
Line 124  ipx_init() Line 124  ipx_init()
 /*  /*
  * IPX input routine.  Pass to next level.   * IPX input routine.  Pass to next level.
  */   */
static voidstatic int
 ipxintr(struct netmsg *msg)  ipxintr(struct netmsg *msg)
 {  {
         struct mbuf *m = ((struct netmsg_packet *)msg)->nm_packet;          struct mbuf *m = ((struct netmsg_packet *)msg)->nm_packet;
Line 270  bad: Line 270  bad:
         m_freem(m);          m_freem(m);
 out:  out:
         lwkt_replymsg(&msg->nm_lmsg, 0);          lwkt_replymsg(&msg->nm_lmsg, 0);
 }  }
 void  void

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