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Current directory: [DragonFly] / src / sys / netproto / natm

File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
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[TXT] natm.c 1.31 6 years sephe Add NETISR_FLAG_NOTMPSAFE, which could be used as the last parameter to netisr_r...
[TXT] natm.h 1.6 8 years dillon Give the sockbuf structure its own header file and supporting source file. Move ...
[TXT] natm_pcb.c 1.9 7 years swildner For kmalloc(), MALLOC() and contigmalloc(), use M_ZERO instead of explicitly bze...
[TXT] natm_proto.c 1.11 6 years sephe Install pr_ctlport for the rest of the protocols. Reported-by: tomas@