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Mon Nov 24 21:15:54 2003 UTC (11 years, 8 months ago) by dillon
Branches: MAIN
CVS tags: HEAD
Add a new library, libcaps, which is intended to encompass DragonFly-specific
core threading and IPC mechanisms.

As of this commit the library is very incomplete.  It works just well enough
to run the IPC test program unthreaded.  For the moment it is implemented
via unix domain sockets.  The IPC mechanism is eventually expected to be
moved directly into the kernel and use an upcall for replies.

 *	Implements an architecture independant Capability Service API
 * $DragonFly: src/sys/sys/caps.h,v 1.1 2003/11/24 21:15:54 dillon Exp $

#ifndef _SYS_CAPS_H_
#define _SYS_CAPS_H_

#ifndef _SYS_TYPES_H_
#include <sys/types.h>
#ifndef _SYS_MSGPORT_H_
#include <sys/msgport.h>

#define CAPS_USER	0x00000001
#define CAPS_GROUP	0x00000002
#define CAPS_WORLD	0x00000004
#define CAPS_EXCL	0x00000008
#define CAPS_WCRED	0x00000010	/* waiting for cred */

 * caps_type associated with caps_port:
 *	CAPT_CLIENT	port returned to client representing connection to
 *			service.
 *	CAPT_SERVICE	port returned to service representing namespace
 *	CAPT_REMOTE	temporary port used by service to represent
 *			client connections to service (set as replyport for
 *			messages)


struct thread;
struct caps_port;

typedef struct caps_port *caps_port_t;

struct caps_cred {
	pid_t			pid;
	uid_t			uid;
	uid_t			euid;
	gid_t			gid;
	int			ngroups;
	gid_t			groups[CAPS_MAXGROUPS];

struct caps_port {
	struct lwkt_port	lport;
	caps_port_t		server;	/* if CAPT_REMOTE, pointer to server */
	enum caps_type		type;
	int			kqfd;	/* kqueue to collect active connects */
	int			lfd;	/* server: listening on (server) */
	int			cfd;	/* client/remote connection fd */
	int			flags;
	TAILQ_HEAD(, caps_port)	clist;	/* server: client client connections */
	TAILQ_ENTRY(caps_port)	centry;
	TAILQ_HEAD(, lwkt_msg)	wlist;	/* queue of outgoing messages */
	TAILQ_HEAD(, lwkt_msg)	mlist;	/* written message waiting for reply */
	struct lwkt_msg		rmsg_static;
	lwkt_msg_t		rmsg;	/* read message in progress */
	struct caps_cred	cred;	/* cred of owner of port */
	int			rbytes;	/* read in progress byte count */
	int			wbytes;	/* write in progress byte count */

#define CAPPF_WAITCRED		0x0001
#define CAPPF_ONLIST		0x0002
#define CAPPF_WREQUESTED	0x0004	/* write event requested */
#define CAPPF_SHUTDOWN		0x0008	/* terminated/failed */

#define CAPMSG_MAXSIZE		(1024+64*1024)

 * API
caps_port_t caps_service(const char *name, gid_t gid, mode_t modes, int flags);
caps_port_t caps_client(const char *name, uid_t uid, int flags);

 * Temporary hack until LWKT threading is integrated.
void *caps_client_waitreply(caps_port_t port, lwkt_msg_t msg);