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 #endif  #endif
 /*  /*
 * Pipeline memory allocations.  This implements a pipeline for allocations * Pipeline memory allocations with persistent store capabilities.  This
 * of a particular size.  It is used in order to allow memory allocations * implements a pipeline for allocations of a particular size.  It is used
 * to block while at the same time guarenteeing that no deadlocks will occur. * in order to allow memory allocations to block while at the same time
  * guarenteeing that no deadlocks will occur.
  * By default new allocations are zero'd out. 
  * MPF_NOZERO           If specified the underlying buffers are not zero'd.
  *                      Note this also means you have no way of knowing which
  *                      buffers are coming from the cache and which are new
  *                      allocations.
  * MPF_CACHEDATA        If specified the deconstructor will be called when
  *                      the underlying buffer is free()'d, but the buffer may
  *                      be reused many times before/if that happens.  The
  *                      buffer is NOT zero'd on reuse regardless of the
  *                      MPF_NOZERO flag.
  *                      If not specified and MPF_NOZERO is also not specified,
  *                      then buffers reused from the cache will be zero'd as
  *                      well as new allocations.
  *                      Note that the deconstructor function may still be NULL
  *                      if this flag is specified, meaning that you don't need
  *                      notification when the cached contents is physically
  *                      free()'d.
  */   */
 struct mpipe_buf;  struct mpipe_buf;
 struct malloc_pipe {  struct malloc_pipe {
     TAILQ_HEAD(, mpipe_buf) queue;  
     malloc_type_t type;         /* malloc bucket */      malloc_type_t type;         /* malloc bucket */
     int         bytes;          /* allocation size */      int         bytes;          /* allocation size */
       int         mpflags;        /* MPF_ flags */
       int         mflags;         /* M_ flags (used internally) */
     int         pending;        /* there is a request pending */      int         pending;        /* there is a request pending */
    int         free_count;     /* entries in free list */    int         free_count;     /* entries in array[] */
    int         total_count;    /* total free + outstanding */    int         total_count;    /* total outstanding allocations incl free */
    int         max_count;      /* maximum cache size */    int         ary_count;      /* guarenteed allocation count */
    void        (*trigger)(void *data);  /* trigger function on free */    int         max_count;      /* maximum count (M_NOWAIT used beyond nom) */
    void        *trigger_data;    void        **array;        /* array[ary_count] */
     void        (*deconstruct)(struct malloc_pipe *, void *buf);
 };  };
   #define MPF_CACHEDATA           0x0001  /* cache old buffers (do not zero) */ 
   #define MPF_NOZERO              0x0002  /* do not zero-out new allocations */
 typedef struct malloc_pipe *malloc_pipe_t;  typedef struct malloc_pipe *malloc_pipe_t;
 #ifdef _KERNEL  #ifdef _KERNEL
 void mpipe_init(malloc_pipe_t mpipe, malloc_type_t type,  void mpipe_init(malloc_pipe_t mpipe, malloc_type_t type,
                int bytes, int nnow, int nmax);                int bytes, int nnom, int nmax
                 int mpflags, void (*deconstruct)(struct malloc_pipe *, void *));
 void mpipe_done(malloc_pipe_t mpipe);  void mpipe_done(malloc_pipe_t mpipe);
void *mpipe_alloc(malloc_pipe_t mpipe, int flags);void *mpipe_alloc_waitok(malloc_pipe_t mpipe);
 void *mpipe_alloc_nowait(malloc_pipe_t mpipe);
 void mpipe_free(malloc_pipe_t mpipe, void *vbuf);  void mpipe_free(malloc_pipe_t mpipe, void *vbuf);
 #endif  #endif

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