Diff for /src/sys/vfs/gnu/ext2fs/ext2_inode.c between versions 1.6 and 1.7

version 1.6, 2003/08/20 09:56:31 version 1.7, 2004/04/08 20:57:52
Line 82  ext2_init(struct vfsconf *vfsp) Line 82  ext2_init(struct vfsconf *vfsp)
  * set, then wait for the write to complete.   * set, then wait for the write to complete.
  */   */
 int  int
ext2_update(vp, waitfor)ext2_update(struct vnode *vp, int waitfor)
        struct vnode *vp; 
        int waitfor; 
 {  {
         struct ext2_sb_info *fs;          struct ext2_sb_info *fs;
         struct buf *bp;          struct buf *bp;
Line 127  ext2_update(vp, waitfor) Line 125  ext2_update(vp, waitfor)
  * disk blocks.   * disk blocks.
  */   */
 int  int
ext2_truncate(vp, length, flags, cred, td)ext2_truncate(struct vnode *vp, off_t length, int flags, struct ucred *cred,
        struct vnode *vp;              struct thread *td)
        off_t length; 
        int flags; 
        struct ucred *cred; 
        struct thread *td; 
 {  {
         struct vnode *ovp = vp;          struct vnode *ovp = vp;
         daddr_t lastblock;          daddr_t lastblock;
Line 377  done: Line 371  done:
  */   */
 static int  static int
ext2_indirtrunc(ip, lbn, dbn, lastbn, level, countp)ext2_indirtrunc(struct inode *ip, daddr_t lbn, daddr_t dbn, daddr_t lastbn,
        struct inode *ip;                int level, long *countp)
        daddr_t lbn, lastbn; 
        daddr_t dbn; 
        int level; 
        long *countp; 
 {  {
         int i;          int i;
         struct buf *bp;          struct buf *bp;
Line 482  ext2_indirtrunc(ip, lbn, dbn, lastbn, le Line 472  ext2_indirtrunc(ip, lbn, dbn, lastbn, le
 /*  /*
  *      discard preallocated blocks   *      discard preallocated blocks
    * ext2_inactive(struct vnode *a_vp)
  */   */
 int  int
ext2_inactive(ap)ext2_inactive(struct vop_inactive_args *ap)
        struct vop_inactive_args /* { 
                struct vnode *a_vp; 
        } */ *ap; 
 {  {
         ext2_discard_prealloc(VTOI(ap->a_vp));          ext2_discard_prealloc(VTOI(ap->a_vp));
         return ufs_inactive(ap);          return ufs_inactive(ap);
 }  }

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