Diff for /src/sys/vm/vm_map.h between versions 1.10 and 1.11

version 1.10, 2004/01/14 23:26:14 version 1.11, 2004/01/20 18:41:52
Line 228  struct vmspace { Line 228  struct vmspace {
 };  };
 /*  /*
    * Resident executable holding structure.  A user program can take a snapshot
    * of just its VM address space (typically done just after dynamic link
    * libraries have completed loading) and register it as a resident 
    * executable associated with the program binary's vnode, which is also
    * locked into memory.  Future execs of the vnode will start with a copy
    * of the resident vmspace instead of running the binary from scratch,
    * avoiding both the kernel ELF loader *AND* all shared library mapping and
    * relocation code, and will call a different entry point (the stack pointer
    * is reset to the top of the stack) supplied when the vmspace was registered.
   struct vmresident {
           struct vnode    *vr_vnode;              /* associated vnode */
           TAILQ_ENTRY(vmresident) vr_link;        /* linked list of res sts */
           struct vmspace  *vr_vmspace;            /* vmspace to fork */
           intptr_t        vr_entry_addr;          /* registered entry point */
           struct sysentvec *vr_sysent;            /* system call vects */
           int             vr_id;                  /* registration id */
  *      Macros:         vm_map_lock, etc.   *      Macros:         vm_map_lock, etc.
  *      Function:   *      Function:
  *              Perform locking on the data portion of a map.  Note that   *              Perform locking on the data portion of a map.  Note that

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