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ACPICALL(8)	       DragonFly System Manager's Manual	   ACPICALL(8)


acpicall -- call ACPI methods


acpicall [-v] [-b hexstring] [-d file] [-i number] [-o i | s | b | o] [-s string] [-U uuid] path


The acpicall utility calls the ACPI method path with the arguments speci- fied by any -b, -i, -o, -s, and -U options. The path argument must be a full ACPI namespace path such as \_SB.PCI0.PEGR.GFX0._DSM. Note that in order to be able to use the acpicall utility, the debug.acpi.allow_method_calls loader tunable must be specified in /boot/loader.conf. The following options are supported: -b hexstring Pass hexstring as a buffer argument. -d file Specify the path of the ACPI control device. The default is /dev/acpi. -i number Pass number as an integer argument. -o i | s | b | o Choose the format to print the result in: (i)nteger, (s)tring, (b)uffer, or (o)bject. -s string Pass string as a string argument. -U uuid Pass uuid as a buffer argument. -v Increase verbosity.


Note that many ACPI methods are specific to the BIOS and machine in ques- tion, so it is impossible to present any generic examples that will work everywhere. Some familiarity with ASL and the DSDT code of the specific machine to be tweaked is highly recommended. The following calls were successfully used to turn off the discrete NVIDIA GPU on the Optimus based Asus K53SV laptop: acpicall -U a486d8f8-0bda-471b-a72b-6042a6b5bee0 \ -i 256 -i 26 -b 01000003 "\_SB.PCI0.PEGR.GFX0._DSM" acpicall "\_SB.PCI0.PEGR.GFX0._PS3"


acpi(4), acpibin(8), acpiconf(8), acpidump(8), acpiexec(8), acpihelp(8), acpinames(8), acpixtract(8), iasl(8)


acpicall is based on the acpi_call utility by Maxim Ignatenko <gelraen.ua@gmail.com>. This manual page was written by Sascha Wildner. DragonFly 5.3 September 1, 2015 DragonFly 5.3

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