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ERFC(3) 	      DragonFly Library Functions Manual	       ERFC(3)


erf, erff, erfl, erfc, erfcf, erfcl -- error function operators


#include <math.h> double erf(double x); float erff(float x); long double erfl(long double x); double erfc(double x); float erfcf(float x); long double erfcl(long double x);


These functions calculate the error function of x. The erf() calculates the error function of x, and the erff() and erfl() functions are single and double precision versions of erf(). The error function is defined as: erf(x) = 2/sqrt(pi)*integral from 0 to x of exp(-t*t) dt. The erfc() function calculates the complementary error function of x; that is erfc() subtracts the result of the error function erf(x) from 1.0. This is useful, since for large x places disappear. The erfcf() and erfcl() functions are single and double precision version of erfc().




The erf() and erfc() functions appeared in 4.3BSD. DragonFly 5.1 June 5, 2013 DragonFly 5.1

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