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INDEX(3)	      DragonFly Library Functions Manual	      INDEX(3)


index, rindex -- locate character in string


Standard C Library (libc, -lc)


#include <strings.h> char * index(const char *s, int c); char * rindex(const char *s, int c);


The index() and rindex() functions have been deprecated in favor of strchr(3) and strrchr(3). The index() function locates the first occurrence of c (converted to a char) in the string pointed to by s. The terminating null character is considered part of the string; therefore if c is `\0', the functions locate the terminating `\0'. The rindex() function is identical to index(), except it locates the last occurrence of c.


The functions index() and rindex() return a pointer to the located char- acter, or NULL if the character does not appear in the string.


memchr(3), strchr(3), strcspn(3), strpbrk(3), strrchr(3), strsep(3), strspn(3), strstr(3), strtok(3)


The index() and rindex() functions appeared in Version 6 AT&T UNIX. Their prototypes existed previously in <string.h> before they were moved to <strings.h> for IEEE Std 1003.1-2001 (``POSIX.1'') compliance. The functions are not specified by IEEE Std 1003.1-2008 (``POSIX.1''). DragonFly 5.1 March 20, 2011 DragonFly 5.1

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