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MINED(1)               DragonFly General Commands Manual              MINED(1)


mined -- emergency text editor


mined [file]


The mined utility is a simple text editor primarily designed for use when a system is booted single-user and has no /usr (and thus no access to vi(1)). Simple help can be obtained by hitting the F1 key while in the editor. CTRL+W writes out the file and CTRL+X exits the editor. The terminal type is hardwired to either an xterm or cons25 (video con- sole). The editor understands stty rows and columns but is otherwise meant to be fairly minimal in scope.


F1 HELP F2 File status F3 Forward search F4 Global replace Shift+F3 Backwards search Shift+F4 Line replace Up arrow Move up one line Down arrow Move down one line Left arrow Move left one character Right arrow Move right one character Home File top End File bottom Page Up Scroll one page up Page Down Scroll one page down Esc Repeat last cmd # times CTRL+A Start of line CTRL+B Word backward CTRL+C Save from marked location to current cursor location CTRL+D Reverse scroll CTRL+E End of line CTRL+F Word forward CTRL+G Insert a file at cursor CTRL+K Delete from marked location to current cursor location CTRL+L Erase and redraw screen CTRL+N Delete next word CTRL+P Delete previous word CTRL+Q Insert the contents of the save file into new file CTRL+S Run shell CTRL+T Delete to end of line CTRL+U Forward scroll CTRL+V Visit another file CTRL+W Write current file CTRL+X Exit CTRL+Y Insert the contents of the save file at cursor CTRL+\ Abort current operation CTRL+@ Set mark CTRL+^ Screen top CTRL+_ Screen bottom CTRL+] Goto line #


ed(1), ee(1), vi(1)


The mined utility first appeared in Minix. It was brought into PicoBSD for a time, and some work was done on it, then later brought into DragonFly where some additional usability work was done on it. DragonFly 3.5 March 15, 2005 DragonFly 3.5

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