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MODEMS(5)		 DragonFly File Formats Manual		     MODEMS(5)


modems -- modem configuration data base


The modems known by tip(1) and their attributes are stored in an ASCII file which is structured somewhat like the termcap(5) file. Each line in the file provides a description for a single modem. Fields are separated by a colon (``:''). Lines ending in a \ character with an immediately following newline are continued on the next line. The first entry is the name(s) of the modem. If there is more than one name for a modem, the names are separated by vertical bars. After the name of the modem comes the fields of the description. A field name fol- lowed by an `=' sign indicates a string value follows. A field name fol- lowed by a `#' sign indicates a following numeric value. When tip(1) is invoked, an entry for a remote system is looked up in the /etc/remote database. If the entry includes an "ACU" type capability (abbreviated at), tip(1) looks up the specified modem in /etc/modems. If a modem entry is found, the corresponding capabilities determine how tip(1) programs the modem when connecting to and disconnecting from the remote system.


Capabilities are either strings (str), numbers (num), or boolean flags (bool). A string capability is specified by capability=value; for exam- ple, ``reset_command=ATZ\r''. A numeric capability is specified by capability#value; for example, ``intercharacter_delay#50''. A boolean capability is specified by simply listing the capability. dial_command (str) AT command used to dial remote system (typi- cally, "ATDT") echo_off_command (str) AT command to turn off command echo. escape_guard_time (num) The delay, expressed in milliseconds, used to frame return-to-command escape sequences. escape_sequence (str) The return-to-command escape sequence. hangup_command (str) AT command used to hangup modem. hw_flow_control (bool) Enable hardware (RTS/CTS) flow control between computer and modem (DTE/DCE). init_string (str) AT command used to initialize modem before dialing. intercharacter_delay (num) Delay value, expressed in milliseconds, between characters when sending commands to the modem. intercommand_delay (num) Minimum delay value, expressed in millisec- onds, to impose between commands issued to the modem. lock_baud (bool) Use a fixed bit rate between the computer and the modem (DTE / DCE). The bit rate is speci- fied in /etc/remote. reset_command (str) AT command to reset the modem. reset_delay (num) The time, expressed in milliseconds, required by the modem to complete a reset and return to a ready condition.


/etc/modems The modems configuration database file resides in /etc.


tip(1), remote(5)


The modems file format appeared in 4.4BSD. DragonFly 5.3 March 24, 1995 DragonFly 5.3

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