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PCTRACK(8)	       DragonFly System Manager's Manual	    PCTRACK(8)


pctrack -- print kernel system/interrupt PC sampling history


pctrack [-fnsi] [-c cpu] [-N execfile] [-M corefile] [interval]


Kernels compiled with DEBUG_PCTRACK record the program counter (PC) of the code interrupted by the statistics clock interrupt. This information can be dumped with the pctrack utility The following options are available: -c cpu Specify which CPU to dump. If not specified, all CPUs will be dumped. -f If a single CPU and either -i or -s is specified, this option will use the repeat interval to detect changes and dump them as they occur. -i Dump the interrupt tracking buffer. -s Dump the kernel tracking buffer. If neither -i or -s is specified, both tracking buffers will be dumped. -n pctrack normally tries to translate the PC into symbols. This option forces hex values to be displayed instead. -N execfile The kernel image to resolve symbols from. The default is the value returned via getbootfile(3). -M corefile The core file or memory image to read from. The default is /dev/mem.


The pctrack utility first appeared in DragonFly 1.5.


The pctrack utility was originally implemented by Matthew Dillon for DragonFly. DragonFly 5.3 June 8, 2006 DragonFly 5.3

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