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SCALBN(3)	      DragonFly Library Functions Manual	     SCALBN(3)


scalbln, scalblnf, scalblnl, scalbn, scalbnf, scalbnl -- adjust exponent by radix


#include <math.h> double scalbln(double x, long n); float scalblnf(float x, long n); long double scalblnl(long double x, long n); double scalbn(double x, int n); float scalbnf(float x, int n); long double scalbnl(long double x, int n);


scalbln() and scalbn() return x*(2**n) computed by exponent manipulation. The scalblnf() and scalbnf() functions are single precision versions of scalbln() and scalbn(), respectively. The scalblnl() and scalbnl() func- tions are extended precision versions of scalbln() and scalbn(), respec- tively.


IEEE Std 754-1985


The scalbln, scalblnf and scalblnl functions appeared in OpenBSD 4.7. The scalbn, scalbnf, and scalbnl, functions appeared in 4.3BSD, NetBSD 1.1 and OpenBSD 4.5, respectively. DragonFly 5.3 June 5, 2013 DragonFly 5.3

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