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STORE(9)	      DragonFly Kernel Developer's Manual	      STORE(9)


store, casuword, subyte, susword, suword, suword32 -- store data to user- space


#include <sys/types.h> #include <sys/time.h> #include <sys/systm.h> #include <sys/resourcevar.h> u_long casuword(u_long *base, u_long oldval, u_long newval); int subyte(void *base, int byte); int susword(void *base, int word); int suword(void *base, long word); int suword32(void *base, int word);


The store functions are designed to copy small amounts of data to user- space. The store routines provide the following functionality: casuword() Compares oldval with the word at base, and if equal, base is set to newval. The old value at base is then returned. subyte() Stores a byte of data to the user-space address base. susword() Stores a short word of data to the user-space address base. suword() Stores a word of data to the user-space address base. suword32() Like suword(), for cases when 32 bits are desired.


The store functions return 0 on success or -1 on failure.


copy(9), fetch(9) DragonFly 4.7 December 23, 2011 DragonFly 4.7

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