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Re: nasty port bug

From: Peter Kadau <peter.kadau@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2003 17:54:57 +0100

Hi !

> I'm sorry, but some ports are just not going to build for a while. Maybe 
> you can send
> patches to the vendor to support the DragonFly name, I'm not totally 
> sure what the best
> option is going to be for a while. I think were just going to have to 
> deal with some
> little things like ports being broken. 
Sure, we can live with that, especially given the fact
that you guys have *really* better things to do.
Personally I'd like to see this name cache thing.
(Not trying to push anyone here though...)

I may even live with binary packages for the time being.
(And I really don't like that ;-)

Maybe we could (ab)?use this mailinglist to exchange our
problems and solutions ?
This way we avoid cluttering kernel@ and still wouldn't
have to maintain personal lists.



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