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Re: "make buildkernel" problems

From: Eirik Nygaard <eirikn@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2004 18:50:19 +0100

On Tue, Jan 06, 2004 at 05:25:05PM +0000, Adam K Kirchhoff wrote:
> When I run a "make buildkernel" I end up with the following error:
> ===> dev/disk/aic7xxx
> ===> dev/disk/aic7xxx/aicasm
> make: don't know how to make /usr/include/sys/inttypes.h. Stop
> *** Error code 2
> I can build the kernel just fine if I run config on the config file and
> go through the make depend && make process, but I can't do it with make
> buildkernel.
> I have run "make includes" in order to make sure all the includes are
> properly installed.
> Am I missing something?
> Adam

Copy from previous mail to bugs@
    Ah.  Clean out your /usr/obj hierarchy and rebuild.  This is due to the
    make depend mechanism breaking when existing .depend files have
    associations for header files which have been removed.

    e.g. rm -rf /usr/obj/usr/src/sys/<YOURKERNEL>       (assuming your source
    is in /usr/src and not symlinked).


Eirik Nygaard

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