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Re: troubles with caps

From: Chris Pressey <cpressey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2004 12:18:50 -0700

On Sat, 24 Apr 2004 14:16:57 -0700 (PDT)
Matthew Dillon <dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>     Ok, all fixed.
>     Speaking of CAPS, we now have all the major components working:
>     the client/server IPC model works, and the structural
>     encoding/decoding API works.

I've been playing with it quite heavily in the past few days and I like
it a lot.  I have two questions about it though, if you don't mind:

Do you have any plans to introduce a timeout to (say) caps_sys_wait, so
that if a message doesn't come in in a certain time frame, it returns
with errno == ETIMEOUT or similar?

And, when the process which is holding a connection dies, does that
connection die too?  From the looks of the client example (which forks)
I'm guessing no, the connection sticks around and can be shared by
several processes.  But is there a guarantee of that?  Say I'd like to
be able to receive a message with one process and pass the connection id
to another process that replies to it.  In the meantime the first
process might exit... should I instead be re-establishing a new
connection in each process?


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