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Newbie kernel-debugger question

From: walt <wa1ter@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 21 May 2004 14:51:22 -0700

I know Matt is away for three days, so if anyone else could answer this
for me I'd be grateful.

I want to post a backtrace from a kernel panic, and I need some idea of
how much detail is needed.  I'm transcribing dozens of 32-bit hex numbers
by hand and I keep losing my place :-(

For example, the last five lines of the backtrace:

ffs_mount( x,0,0,0,x) at ffs_mount+0x19b
vfs_mountroot_try(x,x) at vfs_mountroot_try+0x149
vfs_mountroot(0,x,x,0,x) at vfs_mountroot+0x7b
mi_startup(42000,x,x,x,x) at mi_startup+0x91
begin() at begin+0x43

Each x stands for a 32-bit hex number.  Does the exact value of the
hex number help you find the bug?  Are there enough lines from the
backtrace to be helpful (in this case, anyway)?

Can you refer me to some newbie-level kernel-debugger reference
reading so I can answer these questions for myself?


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