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Re: no kernel

From: Robert Gauthier
Date: 30 May 2004 00:51:13 GMT

>                                 Re: no kernel
>   From: YONETANI Tomokazu <qhwt+dragonfly-bugs@xxxxxxxxxx>
>   Reply to: YONETANI Tomokazu
>   Date: Sun, 30 May 2004 08:09:42 +0900
>   Newsgroups:
>          dragonfly.bugs
>   Followup to: newsgroup
>   References:
>          <40b88f9d$0$50172$415eb37d@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>On Sat, May 29, 2004 at 01:26:53PM +0000, rg_monde@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> Both the cd and ata3 disk boot up show a "can't find kernel" message and fall
>> to the OK prompt.
>Not knowing what you're trying to do, but what does `ls' command
>at OK prompt show you? And are you sure that loader variables
>currdev and rootdev are pointing to the partition you're trying
>to load the kernel and modules from?

Hello Yonetani !

OK ls
open '/' failed: no such file or directory
OK show
OK lsdev
cd devices:
    cd0: Devuce0x0
disk devices:
shows both disks with respective well indentyfied slices.
The cd drive is master on ata0 controller; the two disks are fed by an el
cheapo ata133 controller.
The first is an ata100 80 Gb.
Second is a 20 Gb.
Installs by "cpduping" from cd or "rsyncing" from disk were working well
before reshuffling everything around; the cd was then, and still is
primary master.

The solution to this problem is beyond my knowledge base and creativity.  ;^)

Thank you for your curiosity.




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