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Kernel Panic

From: Adonijah <adonijah@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: 04 Jul 2004 03:50:37 GMT

I've had several kernel panics this evening revolving
around VFS / or Busy Buffer. I finally managed with
GeekGod's help to setup my system to get crashdumps
and used screen and gdb to grab a log file of a
simple backtrace of one of the kernel panics and a
full backtrace.

Because of the size of these logs I haven't attached
them, but there are links to them below:

Simple Backtrace:
http://drevil.warpcore.org/crash1_bt.log.gz (4k)

Full Backtrace:
http://drevil.warpcore.org/crash1_bt_full.log.gz (21k)

I hope these help. I will keep the vmcore.0 file
(1024mb) on my system until I get a response back
as to whether or not it's still needed.

I am subscribed to this newsgroup so it isn't necessary
to CC me.

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