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Re: DFly fdisk issues continued... (fwd)

From: Shawn <adonijah@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2004 11:20:05 -0500

On Wed, 14 Jul 2004 06:56:52 -0400, Chen Zhao wrote:

> Hi, I see I'm not the only one to get hit hard with this bug.
> I mentioned the strange behavior of my installed OSes to
> cpressey and ended up doing nothing but reinstalling XP, DFly, 
> and FBSD-Current over and over again for the last two days.
> Ended up thinking it was a quirk in XP until I decided to do
> away with the XP bit.
> I'm including the installer log I sent him so maybe others
> can take a look at it too.  I guess this would be a disk
> geometry issue in DFly's fdisk?

I didn't think dfly has an fdisk, at least not the installer. I installed
dfly onto the last slice (3rd) of a drive where:

1st slice is XP / NTFS
2nd slice is extended partition (full of several logicals for Linux
distributions and NTFS / FAT data partitions)
3rd slice is SysID 165 (created by FreeBSD 5 installer) currently has dfly
on it

I've had no problems with this setup, so the problem sounds like it only
exists when installing on slices *before* the last one.

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