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can't use trackpoint under Dragonfly

From: Johannes.Stiegler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2004 22:44:00 +0200

After having cleared my first problem i'll send the next one.
As i'm using an IBM thinkpad and i want to use X i trying to set up my 
trackpoint. There aren't any problems under other BSDs and i think there wasn't 
a problem when using Dragonfly installed over FreeBSD 4.10, but with the Release 
i'm not able to use the trackpoint. First i tried to run X.org from ftp.
fortunity.net, but this doesn't work for me (just the trackpoint didn't). Then i 
tried to install the XFree86 package,  but the trackpoint is still not working.

Hope you can help me.


(if these questions are wrong in bugs and belong rather to the kernel list 
please tell me)

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