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Installer boot problems

From: "Koenraad \"conne\" Willems" <conne_@pandora . be>
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2004 23:26:20 +0200

Hi there,

I'm sure this doesn't belong in dragonfly.bugs, but I can't find the
appropriate group to post this to.
It is more like a problem I'm having, but this group corresponds to it the
most, so I'm putting it here, apologies beforehand.

As the subject reveals, I'm having problems getting the 1.0A installer iso
to boot.
It's not really correct, it does boot, but only up until it needs to mount
the root filesystem, at which point it drops me to a prompt asking for
manual root point input.
Above that I can clearly see the boot loader has tried mounting the root fs
from serveral devices, all to no avail.
At the beginning of the loader it says: "BIOS CD is cd0", so I presume it
needs to mount something like cd9660:cd0a, but that doesn't seem to work.
Also when I try that at the prompt, it gives me the same error it's giving
when it tried to automount, being:
Mounting root from cd9660:cd0a
Root mount failed: 22
I noticed that I am not getting the following line:
no such device '<devicename>'
Which is the case when trying various other (non-existant) devices, such as

Seeing this I am assuming cd0a is the correct mount point, so there needs to
be something else going on.
I just can't seem to find out what..

Some useful info perhaps:
The CDROM is a SCSI model, attached to an Adaptec AIC-7880.
The first thing I thought about was that the loader didn't detect the card,
or at least didn't load the module for it.
But since I can't seem to figure out how to get to a normal useful console,
not even consult the boot loader's total output during boot, I'm pretty much

So if somebody would like to help out, that would be appreciated..



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