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Re: USB problems

From: Adam K Kirchhoff <adamk@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 07 Aug 2004 01:11:43 GMT

Justin Sherrill <justin.sherrill@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 06 Aug 2004 13:46:43 GMT, Adam K Kirchhoff <adamk@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> This is with an ICH5 motherboard, 3 gig P4 (HT enabled), usb2 DVD/CD-RW,
>> 1.5 gigs RAM, usb1 sandisk CF card reader (with no CF card in it at
>> present), usb mice + keyboards.
>> Any ideas?  When I get home, I'll try again, removing the usb storage
>> devices (which is what I'm guessing is the source of the problem).

> The device it's failing on is a generic EHCI hub, and the rest are
> Intel UHCI.  It looks like an Intel motherboard...  Would an Intel
> motherboard have a non-Intel USB chipset on it?  Or perhaps it's from
> one of the attached devices?  I'm wandering into guesswork, here.

Well it definitely has to do with the USB2 DVD/CD drive.  If I power it
off, DragonFly boots up fine.  Any idea how this can be fixed so the
drive is usable?


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