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Re: ACPI and Linksys 10/100 PC Card (ed1)

To: Henry Kleynhans <henry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
From: Henry Kleynhans <henry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 08 Aug 2004 21:50:01 +0200

Hi Matt,

Just a quick note. It seems that the recent work done on the ACPI code has fixed my problem. The boot process still 'pauses' when it reaches my CDRW drive, but it continues and works fine!

I just did a fresh install from the snapshot iso: 2004-08-08 and it booted perfectly from the CD.

Thanks to all who did the hard work! :D

Kind regards,


Henry Kleynhans wrote:
Hi Matt,

I've tried the 'boot -a -v' options and it doesn't ask for the root partition or anything else to mount; so I'm assuming that the machine falls over before actually reaching that point.

I've played around with the options suggested by YONETANI Tomokazu, and the machine seems to boot when I use either:

This enables me to boot the machine, but I have problems with console blanking and the screensaver under X doesn't seem to want to activate automatically either.

I am not sure how to further aproach the debugging process. The "boot -v -a" option did not give any more interresting information, it still only gets to the point where it assigns the CDRW/DVDrom device and then the machine hangs there.

Any ideas?

Kind regards,


Matthew Dillon wrote:

Yah, use boot -a -v.

   It sounds like you simply have one of those systems which only works
   without ACPI.  It is likely, however, that only one or two of the ACPI
   features are the cause of the failure.  You can disable particular
   ACPI functions at the boot prompt or in /boot/loader.conf.  Quoting
   from YONETANI Tomokazu:

------- begin quote -----
There's a kernel environment variable called debug.acpi.disabled, to
disable ACPI features. This helps narrowing down which part of ACPI code
is causing trouble. You can specify one or more of the following keywords,
separated by spaces.
acad bus button children cmbat cpu ec
isa lid pci pci_link sysresource thermal timer

"acpi" disables everything
"bus" disables "children"
"pci" disables "pci_link"

pci-related code in the acpi code in our tree is said to be incorrect,
so you may want to try disabling it first. There's also been a report
of lock-up which was worked around by disabling thermal code, but I'm
not sure whether it applies to your T42p.
------- end quote -----


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