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Re: Apache13 startup problems

From: "Scott N" <bigslick@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 09 Aug 2004 08:03:05 GMT

Scott N wrote:

> Latest Dragonfly (did cvs/buildworld July 30th) did not fix the
> problem I am having trying to start Apache13. I have the latest
> apache13 port compiled (gcc34) and installed with no problems, but
> when trying to start it up via the startup script I get:
> ulimit: ulimit: Internal Error (k)
> I did a search of these archives along with a search of Google and 
> found no answer as to what is causing this. I am assuming it is 
> DragonFly -> Apache port related? Or did I miss a setting somewhere?
> Scott N

Just a quick update: 

Still running July 30th buildworld. I uninstalled Apache13 and rebuilt
it using and then noticed the "ulimit error" was now GONE.

All I did to the server since then was I accidentally did a "pkg_delete
-a" (don't ask...), and then once I noticed all my packages had been
deleted, I started rebuilding them. I used GCC34 on all builds (I only
have Squid/Apache/lynx installed after a base system install).

Deleting Apache13 and redoing it fixed it. But I don't know if it is
because I used pkg_delete and it deleted also the thttpd pkg as well
that might have been conflicting (?), OR if just deleting/reinstalling
alone could have fixed it.


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