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DragonFly bugs List (threaded) for 2004-08
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From: Adrian Nida <nida@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2004 13:13:38 -0400

Hi there,

After cvsupping to the latest src and ports files, I tried to build the Document 
Framework over the weekend.  When it came to building the links browser, I ran 
into the following stop error:

kbdbind.c:78: conflicting types for `strtonum'
/usr/include/stdlib.h:184: previous declaration of `strtonum'
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/www/links1/work/links-0.98.
*** Error code 1

I checked the cvsweb for the different revisions of stdlib.h to find out that on 
the 15th of August, revision 1.8 was added with the following note (my emphasis 

Add str*o*tonum(3) into the !ANSI_SOURCE && !_POSIX_SOURCE && !__STRICT_ANSI
part of stdlib.h.

Now, in the stdlib.h file, the 'o' is missing from the functionname, (i.e. it is 
called strtonum).  I'm not sure if this is a mistake or not, but when I changed 
the function name to match the cvs note, links built successfully.

Did I do the right thing (i.e. is the function really misspelled)?  Or would it 
have been better to change around the code for the links browser?


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