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Re: "make buildworld" fails with gcc34 on CURRENT.

To: Jonathan Fosburgh <syjef@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
From: Henry Kleynhans <henry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2004 14:56:06 +0200

Hi Jonathan,

Jonathan Fosburgh wrote:
I've been getting the same errors. I reported it, though on kernel instead of here.

Ahh, yes. I found the thread on the kernel list. (I did not look back far enough when looking for similar problems <sheepish grin>).

It is indeed the same problem.

The odd thing is that I installed the system from a GCC3 snapshot:


Somehow the following (which I would have expected from installing a GCC3 snapshot) wasn't there:

a) The default compiler used was still gcc2 (after installation).
b) The installed version of make.conf did not set CCVER to gcc34.

I understand that you can build a whole GCC3 iso snapshot without doing these things, but would it not be usefull for people who'd like to test the gcc3 system/snapshot/compiler to have the snapshot iso come configured with the gcc34 compiler? Just my 2c worth.

Kind regards,


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