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Re: gmake and ports issue

From: "Jonas Trollvik" <Jonas.Trollvik@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2004 23:46:15 +0200

I've also had this problem when building ports at a few times
once I left in on for a night and when I woke up next morning it was still
compiling the same stuff (when trying to compile emacs on a fresh system)
I solved the problem by installing autoconf and automake manually.
"Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai" <asmodai@xxxxxx> wrote in message
> Just to warn people,
> you might see some ports go into an infinite loop.
> I can reliably repeat this with building subversion-python, which needs
> automake18, which needs autoconf259.
> autoconf259 goes haywire at one point and does the configure step ad
> infinitum.
> Problem at hand is that gmake 3.80_2 for some reason I have not unraveled
> sends a SIGCHLD but then decides to restart make, which is helpful to
> reconsider the whole autoconf/automake file mess in the directory and
> it needs to be helpful to restart aclocal and such to regenerate the files
> because it deems them out of date.  Yay!
> Gah, of course, now I cannot reproduce it. :(
> Oh wait, another problem now, it is not building it, but it is registering
> its installation.  So it configures, creates the Makefiles, supposedly
> builds it, but doesn't, probably triggers a SIGCHLD again, and then thinks
> it can install.
> On a related note, the bsd.port.mk line 6: warning "/usr/bin/relpath" line
> also showed me that the make clean command doesn't work as it should
> anymore, I miss a bunch of dependencies.  Also up for investigation.
> Too tired to chase them up now.
> -- 
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