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The Teleshop! .. (among the wheat; wolves come in sheep's clothing: but the )

From: "Arson D. Specified" <mail_beheer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2004 22:25:41 -0400

Dear car lovers!

Make some money with the next-generation
in-car entertainment systems from The Teleshop!
in-car entertainment
Become an reseller of the most advance in car entertainment systems and earn $1000's per month or up to to 20% on each sales. See our "In-Car Entertainment: model now!
Choose from any of our 30 product-specific titles to get the most up to date and latest in in-car entertainment products in the world..

Plus, you will receive up to date profiles and information on all new products and market newest models.

I want to resell this now!!!!

I want to own this!!!



Our "in-car entertainment" line has
Multiple Models
Built-in FM tuner and DTS functionality (car CD/DVD players)
LCD and monitor size (in-car TVs/car DVD-TVs MP3/MEGP 4)
Other key features
FOB price
Portables Multi Media Player

Portable Multi Media
MPEG 4 Movie player - JPEG Photo viewer - Music MP3 player -AV Recorder - Voice Memo - MPEG 4 Recorder Recorder- Card Reader Function - 2.5" TFT LCD Screen - Lithium-Ion Battery Direct Print Function -USB Portable Disk - Language Learning Player - SD Card Interface Multimedia Converter - 5 Different Audio Effects - User friendly G.U.I Control - Calendar - Games Built-in Microphone - Built-in Speaker - Slim Pocket Size -Earphones Included & Manufacturer prices. 


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Cell phones

The hottest deals on Cell
Everything you need for cell, refurbished and new directly from the manufacturer! Nokia, Siemens, Motorola, Samsung and more..


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Portable DVD

Hunting for the hottest deals on Portable DVD's
over 20 models of Portable DVD at unbeatable price, directly from the manufacturer!


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About US

Dear UNIC visitor, let's face it; Asia always seems to have all the gadgets 1st! At the Teleshop you will find the most comprehensive database for products and product reports available out of Asia today. Our market intelligence is based on factory visits and deep profiles of Asia's leading and emerging telephony and Hi Tech products...




For more information on all our products or other cutting edge items and opportunities with The TELESHOP , please contact info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or visit us at: https://teleshop.unicnetwork.com/

Copyright 2004 UNIC Network


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