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Re: panic in bus_dma_tag_destroy()

From: Matthew Dillon <dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2004 19:57:20 -0700 (PDT)

:The console wedges after the panic, but below is what shows up before
:that. If this isn't enough, I can copy down the backtrace
:svd0: Agilent Tachyon Driver Version 1.0
:svd0: <Agilent Tachyon QX4 PCI-E FC Adapter rev 1.0> port 0xc000-0xc0ff,0xc400-0xc4ff mem 0xfe9f8000-0xfe9f9fff irq 11 at device 0.0 on
:segments  0xc1a86000
:panic: assertion: z->z_Magic == ZALLOC_SLAB_MAGIC in free
:mp_lock = 00000001; cpuid = 1; lapic.id = 06000000
:panic(c1a80000,ff808000,0,cee1db38,c0240483) at panic+0xbd
:panic(c04468e0,c044692d,ce8d2290,0,0) at panic+0xbd
:free(c1a86000,c04c3ae0) at free+0x193
:bus_dma_tag_destroy(ce8d2290,c814bd70,c814bd70,cee1db74,cee27771) at bus_dma_tag_destroy+0x36
:svd_release_bus(cec6a928,c814bd70,cee1db88,c024f5be,c814bd70) at svd_release_bus+0x77
:svd_pci_detach(c814bd70) at svd_pci_detach+0x11
:device_detach(c814bd70) at device_detach+0x56

    This looks like a custom driver that we do not have source for (you
    should have said that at the beginning!).

    The panic in free() is definitely due to some sort of corruption,
    either a double-free or some other memory corruption is occuring.
    That's my best guess.


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