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Re: floppy drives and ACPI

From: Sarunas Vancevicius <vsarunas@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 22:10:43 +0100

On 13:58, Tue 12 Oct 04, Matthew Dillon wrote:
> :"Remove a check that is too strict.  With BIOSen that specify an
> :IO/ctl port of 0x3f2-0x3f5,0x3f7 the ports are not 7 bytes apart.
> :This should fix floppy probing on such systems. (We handle the case
> :of adjusting for a start of 0x3f2 -> 0x3f0 separately, although that
> :code should still be checked if there are still floppy problems for
> :others.)"
> :
> :Hope that helps to track it down.
> :
> :-- 
> :Sarunas Vancevicius
>     Yup, you definitely found it.  It looks like there are a bunch
>     of FBsd commits.  Not just 1.11, but also 1.13, 1.15, and 1.16.  It 
>     will take me a little bit to figure out how to merge them into DFly but
>     I should have a patch set for you guys to try out tonight.
> 					-Matt
> 					Matthew Dillon 
> 					<dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Yeah, the driver did experience a major rewrite(s), iirc, there is a
thread on -current,  where people couldn't use their fd* (rik comes
to mind).

I won't be able to test it tonight (its 22:08 up here, and I have
a lecture in the morning), so tomorrow 5-ish localtime.

iirc, corecode and few other people experience this too.

Sarunas Vancevicius

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