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DragonFly bugs List (threaded) for 2004-10
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Re: contrib/bind-9.2.4rc4

To: Matthew Dillon <dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
From: "Erik P. Skaalerud" <erik@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 11:13:50 +0200

Matthew Dillon wrote:
:> But...
:> :> http://www.dragonflybsd.org/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/src/contrib/bind-9.2.4rc4/
:> :> My cvsupd mirror for dragonflybsd have been running for how long? 4 or 5 :> months? (dragon.bsdtech.com). I have always used cvsup to synch it (not :> checked out mode), and it works great. I dont think that this is an :> error on my side, since your CVS repo still has the dirs.
:> :
:The directories are there so the cvs client will delete all the files from your
:checked out source code when you run "cvs update".
:-- :Eirik Nygaard

    Right.  I can't actually remove the physical directories from the
    cvs tree, at least not immediately, because if I do 'cvs update' will
    get confused and not delete the directories from the checked out version.


Aha. Now I get it. CVS is stupid.

- Erik

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