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Re: Dragonfly_Stable and newvers.sh

From: Mark Cullen <mark.cullen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 17:04:30 +0100

Peter Avalos wrote:
On Wed, Oct 27, 2004 at 06:06:24AM -0700, walt wrote:

On Wed, 27 Oct 2004, Matthew Dillon wrote:

:I just rebuilt to latest Dragonfly_Stable tag, and I got a funny uname
:[erik@dragon:~]$ uname -sr
:DragonFly 1.1-UNKNOWN
:Is it supposed to be like this?
:- Erik

   Hmm.  The CVSROOT/config file in the cvs repository (if you are
   pulling down the repository) should have as the last line:


(verses just iDragonFly).

   And the tag="\$Name:  $" line in /usr/src/sys/conf/newvers.sh should
   be expanded out with the tag name, empty if HEAD.  If the tag field
   is "\$Name$" then it hasn't been expanded at all and there is a

I have the same problem and my newvers.sh has the line tag="\$Name$"

I use cvsup to get the checked out sources, not the repository.  I tried
deleting and refetching newvers.sh and still got the same.

Me too.

Can I join in? Mine's from HEAD just before you moved the Stable tag to HEAD, if that makes any sense.

Although I seem to remember it being UNKNOWN before I went from Stable->HEAD too, when I was talking to Joerg and he was slipping tags about on Stable, to get pf to work properly.
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