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Re: disklabel corrupt ?

From: TIV <gtivey@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 2004 22:09:07 -0600

:I tried to look into the archives for more infomation, but I couldn't
:find any. I did a clean install from a df 2004.11.26 gcc2 snap iso.
:When booting my FreeBSD system on the same disk, it printed messages
:saying that "ad0s2 disklabel corrupt." That's the DragonFly slice.
:Moreover, I was unable to mount any df filesystem in FreeBSD. This
:includes mounting in both fbsd 4.10 and freesbie's fbsd 5.2.1. But the
:disks were fully operational under df.
:Has anyone else had this problem? Unfortunately, I needed an OS
:quickly for school work, so I threw on fbsd 5.3. If you need more
:debugging, I'll try to do it this weekend. Let me know.

Hi Y'all;
A recent FreeBSD 5.3 install on the same drive (da0s3) as an existing DragonFlyBSD partition (da0s2), syinstall completely initialized the disklabel of the DragonFlyBSD slice. Luckily I had a backup, and a copy of the disklabel, knowing that just about anything can, and will happen, during an installation to a multi-os drive;-o

best regards, TIV

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