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usb/kue0 not transmitting or receiving packets

From: Scott Michel <scottm@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2005 19:21:24 -0800

I just installed DFly after a not-so-pleasant experience with 5.3, and overall, I'm pretty pleased. One slight problem: I rely on my USB ethernet, and while the kernel detects kue0, packets aren't being transmitted or recieved. I kiped a colleague's Netgear PCCARD NIC and that works, but no joy with the kue. My platform is a VAIO PCG-F370 (yes, it's older USB hardware.) I'd attach a dmesg, but the Netgear card got taken back.

Any clue on diagnosing would be helpful (e.g., kernel tracing or driver verbosity). FWIW, DFly locks solidly if the laptop is rebooted while detecting devices attached to the uchi hub, so perhaps the problem lies in initializing the hub?


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